Sunday, 11 February 2018

Food waste recycling promotion

Further to requests for food waste recycling information and access to caddies for tenements, I have discussed ideas to improve the service with council officials. 

As a result, it is possible to collect food waste caddies and food waste leaflets from staff at Hillhead and Woodside Libraries. 

Food waste put in the caddies can be taken to the large grey bins in your backcourt or back lane. A truck to uplift the food waste is due to visit tenements on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions about food waste recycling, please go to:-

Sunday, 4 February 2018

New housing development at Park Quadrant

The development of the new housing at Park Quadrant is underway and over recent weeks, I have been responding to any concerns about the site as they arise. Issues of concern have been traffic management, parking, noise, mud, and street lighting.

Views of the site under development

The range of issues have been addressed by the contractor with assistance from council officials. There are 11 buildings, providing 98 houses, under construction on the site during 2018.

Local services at Napiershall Street Centre

Work is ongoing to support the development of 3rd sector organisations based in the Napiershall Street Centre. This is a former school converted in to office and meeting space for advice, support and training. 

Regular recycling swap shop events are held at the centre.

In 2018, there are plans to support local history workshops and host a Doors Open Day in September. 

Further details are available at:

White House on the Canal

On a recent walk along the canal towpath, I visited the White House which has a bike repair workshop and cafe space for meeting friends and family.

Volunteers needed by the Scottish Waterways Trust

View of the White House on Maryhill Road

The White House is the oldest building standing in Maryhill. It is an unique landmark and its restoration is a step forward in the regeneration of the canal. The facilities provide a good meeting point to get advice and support to help in exploration of the canal towpath. Further details are available at:

Repairs to staircase on Kelvin Walkway

The works on the renewal of the stepped access from Queen Margaret Road to Kelvin Walkway are underway. I highlighted health and safety concerns about these steps to council officials. In recent years, there has been ongoing repair work on the walkway.

View of repair and maintenance work on Kelvin Walkway.

The allocation of funds to maintain access to the Kelvin Walkway is vital. This encourages active travel and physical activity using walking routes, and enables visitors to have good access to the restoration work at the 60 Steps. This walkway area is well used on a daily basis by residents including children going to and from school.