Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Segregated cycle lane on Garscube Road

In the last week, I have noticed preparations for the reinstatement of works to create a segregated cycle lane on Garscube Road. This is being delivered by the Council as part of Connecting Woodside with funding from Sustrans.

Views of signage installed on Garscube Road
The pavement on one side of the road is closed for the works to go ahead.

It is a relief to find that this construction work is progressing and going ahead as a priority. This is required as it will encourage people to cycle on a daily basis. There is a need to support social distancing as we recover from the Covid19 pandemic. More people appreciate that improved cycling infrastructure can support people getting around the city safely and it is key to encouraging sustainable travel as the choice for residents.

Wildflower meadow at Wilton Street

On a walkabout, I observed the development of a wildflower meadow at the gap site on Wilton Street. This site has become a wildlife habitat providing a home for a wide range of bees, butterflies and insects. 

View of foxgloves on the gap site

Wildflowers across the gap site.

I understand that birds, including Gold Finches, have been attracted to the gap site. 

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Appreciation of key workers

On my walkabouts, I have found many window posters showing appreciation for our key workers.

There is a specific noticeboard at the Queens Cross Church thanking the NHS and all workers in frontline services.

Visit to Woodlands Community Garden

Woodlands Community Garden is open for visitors but social distancing has to be followed at all times. There is a pathway which starts at the main gate and links up with various parts of the garden.

Entrance gate
Signage for garden visitors
Overview of the garden

This garden is a wonderful place to go to relax and unwind from the stresses of lockdown. 

Continued glass recycling using street bins

During the Covid-19 Lockdown, it is possible to recycle glass bottles and jars using the glass recycling bins on local streets.

Glass recycling bin at St. Georges Cross

I am aware that the emptying of these bins has continued by council workers. This recycling service is very much appreciated by residents across the ward.

Road resurfacing at bus stop on Maryhill Road

The road resurfacing at the bus stop on Maryhill Road, next to the junction with Great Western Road, is much welcomed. However, there are drains in the vicinity that have been blocked up or not adequately considered as part of the resurfacing work.

View of resurfaced bus stop at Maryhill Road.

Further to the complaints from residents, council officials have advised that the roadworks will be revisited to repair the drains and also, complete the yellow lines at the bus stop.