Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Future plans for 261 West Princes Street

There is a proposal to use the former Ballet school building as a student residential accommodation including demolition of rear buildings, external alterations and repairs, erection of two student residential blocks with associated landscaping and alterations to boundary treatments.

Further to receiving representations from neighbours, I have highlighted my objection to the proposal for two new built residential blocks. It is my understanding that the proposal would contravene the planning policy DES 3 - Protecting and enhancing the City's Historic Environment - as the proposed blocks do not respect the architectural heritage and the historic context.

The proposed new blocks will detract from the former Scottish Ballet building which is a tenement sandstone designed and built between 1895-97.

View of the former Scottish Ballet Building at 261 West Princes Street, Woodlands

Also, with reference to the City Plan, the proposal does not appear to fit with the policy DES 2 - Sustainable Design and Construction as it has features which are not in keeping with the conservation area status of the site. The provision of a terrace using a glass balustrade in Block C and  Juliet style balconies for each apartment are flawed design features as they are not acceptable within this tenement area. These features will compromise the character of the former Scottish Ballet building. The terrace and balconies are not acceptable as they will overlook the existing neighbours and the balconies / upper rooms will directly look in to windows of adjacent properties.The design of the new blocks will create a visual intrusion which diminishes the design quality and privacy of neighbouring tenement properties.

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