Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Refugee Crisis - Stand Up for Humanity

It is time for European Union's Governments to find a fair and humane solution to the refugee crisis. The European Union's Leaders need to clear the way for a root and branch reform of the dysfunctional Dublin asylum system. This system has failed and is causing confusion, chaos and uncertainty, harming those who are seeking asylum and refuge.   Neither the closing of borders nor the criminalisation of refugees and migrants can solve this crisis.

We also have to acknowledge the fact that the sudden influx of refugees will be the new norm, if we do nothing to tackle the root causes of the crisis, especially Climate Change. The irresponsible foreign policy of certain European governments and the US, which chose war before and instead of diplomacy, demonstrates just who should share the burden of responsibility in the current situation. 

We can welcome agreement between EU Leaders on 22nd September for an emergency relocation system and emergency response funding. It is now critical that EU Governments improve cooperation and take steps to agree a more comprehensive long term solution in October. There has to be a permanent binding scheme for distributing asylum seekers across the EU, a legal entry system for refugees across Europe and meaningful funding for the UN Refugee response.

We have to demand that Britain steps up to its obligations and implements a UK wide relocation plan to tackle the growing refugee crisis. As we head into winter, it’s important that everyone seeking asylum has access to adequate shelter, food, clothing, shoes and hygiene products.

Useful link:

Gramnet - http://www.gla.ac.uk/research/az/gramnet/

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