Monday, 16 November 2015

Make Gt Western Rd Great Again!

Feedback was gathered on local issues around Great Western Road within Hillhead area at Hillhead High School on Tuesday, 27th October 2015. 

This community event provided an opportunity for a café style discussion about issues within the local streets including Otago Street, Bank Street, Oakfield Avenue, Southpark Avenue, Hillhead Street, Cecil Street, Great George Street, Bower Street, Glasgow Street, Kersland Street, Cranworth Street, and Vinicombe Street.

1) Cleansing and recycling issues
Topics raised were the need for additional recycling bins, and a can crusher on the street. Residents asked for a review of positions for public bins as they sometimes block pavements Locked gates on lanes were suggested. There are concerns about problem of anti-social behaviour in lanes and the need to ensure gates are locked. 
Alexander Greek Thomson Building on Oakfield Avenue

Fly-tipping is a big problem. There is rubbish and slippy leaves on pavements. Action needed by cleansing staff to empty bins in Oakfield Avenue and report to Hillhead High.

2) Housing
Special projects were discussed and it was agreed to develop community activity linked to three sites within the area:

Greek Thomson Building at corner of Oakfield Avenue. Due to ongoing lack of maintenance, mattresses left in open spaces and grass overgrown.  List of owners to be contacted and meeting held in Hillhead High, to develop a special initiative. 

Belgrave Terrace, a B Listed terrace where there are concerns about poor condition of grounds, wall and pavement. Temporary wall put up at Great Western Road, due to subsidence and water leaks. Pavement in front of it needs to be cleaned up and repaired. 

Pavement at Belgrave Terrace on Great Western Road

Great Kelvin Lane Properties as there are concerns about lack of maintenance of multiple occupancy properties having a negative impact on Great Kelvin Lane.

Further updates on the various projects.will be provided to Hillhead Community Council.

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