Saturday, 30 April 2016

Support Nursing Scotland's Future

The Royal College of Nursing Scotland's campaign's manifesto Professional voices: practical solutions, sets out key demands. I have given my support to the issues raised in this manifesto:-
  • decisions are made to shape health and care for generations to come, rather than focusing on short-term goals
  • a Scottish Government-led workforce and skills impact assessment is carried out each time a new health or social care policy is proposed
  • digital technologies are used to open up new, smarter ways of working for health care teams, especially those operating in the community
  • the pivotal role of senior charge nurses in leading safe, effective, patient-centred care is recognised, respected and properly remunerated
  • Scotland’s politicians champion better pay, terms and conditions for members of nursing teams, no matter their grade or where they work
Further information about the campaign at:

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