Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Travelling by Ferry

Over the weekend, I travelled by ferry between Ardrossan and Brodick to enjoy a holiday in Arran. I appreciated the opportunity to travel on a ferry service operated within the public sector by CalMac Ferries Limited. This service safeguards workers rights including protection of the workers’ pension scheme and a policy of no compulsory redundancies. 

View of CalMac Ferry departing from Brodick Harbour.

Currently, there is construction work underway to create new facilities for ferry passengers at Brodick Harbour. There will be a need to ensure such investment by CalMac Ferries Limited delivers improvements for the travelling public and the workforce. Rural and island communities are reliant on these ferry services to sustain their economies.

Update on Brodick Ferry Terminal at: http://www.cmassets.co.uk/project/brodick-ferry-terminal/

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