Thursday, 16 June 2016

This week's councillor's surgery

This week, I had a surgery in Hyndland Secondary.  I am never sure if anyone will turn up to discuss their concerns face to face at a surgery. The majority of residents choose to email their concerns or complaints. 

It is useful to offer an option for people to drop in for a chat, at one of my surgeries, on a monthly basis. The chance to talk through problems can help to identify what actions are needed to improve a resident's situation. At this week's surgery, I took up concerns about plans for mobile phone masts and obstruction caused by parked cars.

Before and after my regular surgeries, I try to have a walkabout in the neighbourhood nearby and take a note of any environmental issues such as potholes, overflowing bins and graffiti. 

After this week's surgery in Hyndland, I spotted that one of the local shops, The Butterscotch Bakery, had received recognition for their cakes at the Scottish Baker of the Year Awards.

View of the shop window for 
The Butterscotch Bakery on Hyndland Road.

Security at surgeries is likely to be topic of conversation over the coming days. The loss of the life of Jo Cox MP from a violent attack as she made her way from a surgery has highlighted the risks to personal safety from providing face to face meetings with residents. I think that surgeries for residents are required but I expect that further discussion will take place with colleagues about security arrangements at each surgery.

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