Sunday, 10 September 2017

Support for steeple of Webster's Theatre, Kelvinbridge.

There has been concerns raised by residents about the road safety at the junction of Park Road and Great Western Road as a result stone falling from the steeple of Webster's Theatre, formerly Lansdowne Church. This is busy area for school children and students at peak times. A request has been made for repair works to ensure that steeple is made safe. 

View of the steeple at Webster's Theatre.

I have been advised by council officials that the steeple is the responsibility of the Church of Scotland. The steeple has been examined and repair works have been agreed involving scaffolding with a crash deck to be erected. These works will require listed building consent.

Whilst the works are progressed, the reopening of Webster's Theatre using the North Woodside Road door is expected at the end of September.  The bar and restaurant will only open when access issues at the entrance on Great Western Road are resolved.

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