Sunday, 5 November 2017

Litter from single use cups

On 25th October, I attended an exhibition organised by Keep Scotland Beautiful in the Gallery of Modern Art which showcased the litter and waste associated with single use drinks containers. 

This highlighted the artwork promoting recycling from local schools supported by environmental artist Julia Barton. There were information displays outlining the impact of single cup use and ideas to encourage recycle and a reduction in litter.

Information on what happens to cups, bottles and cans.

Zero Waste Scotland estimates that 208 million single use 
cups are thrown away in Scotland every year 

Info about pledge4plastics

I heard about the practical action to tackle the negative impact that single use drinks cups have on the environment. The coffee cup supply businesses are actively supporting the Square Mile Challenge, which launched in London’s Square Mile on 3 April 2017. Can we develop a similar recycling project in Glasgow?

More information on reusable coffee cups at:

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