Sunday, 12 July 2020

Accessibility to Kelvingrove Park

I spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine in Kelvingrove Park. During my visit, I observed that the locking of some of the gates is causing problems for residents as they make their way in and out of the park.

Firstly, the closure of the gate next to the An Clachan Cafe at Clifton Road is resulting in people using a narrow pavement to go to the next entrance. This is not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs. 

Secondly, the closure of series of gates along Kelvin Way is causing inconvenience for parents with buggies, individual walkers and people who are cycling as they move around  the park to / from their home. 

Kelvin Way has been closed to traffic with support from the "Space for People" programme and this is encouraging people to get on their bikes. The closure of these gates does not make sense if Glasgow is aiming to be taken seriously as a bike friendly city. 

Closure of a gate at Kelvin Way

A cyclist putting their bike over the closed gate and then, jumping over.

Closure of another gate at Kelvin Way next to the bandstand and toilets.

One of the gates has been opened, at end nearest to University Avenue, to enable access from Kelvin Way. This is a very busy access point to the park.

I am saddened by the closure of many of the gates of Kelvingrove Park. My suggestions to address the anti-social behaviour in the park have involved the provision of staffing at all gates on hot, sunny days to curb the amount of alcohol taken in to the park. I have also pushed for youth workers to be involved in engaging with young people who use the park. To enhance their health and wellbeing as lockdown eases, there has to be a focus on developing safe spaces in our parks for young people to meet. 

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