Sunday, 13 December 2020

Overprovision of purpose built student accommodation

For most of this year, a new student accommodation tower block has been under construction on New City Road. It is dominating the local skyline due to its size and scale.

View of the new block on New City Road, next to M8 and St. Georges Cross

View of the student accommodation from Garscube Road Footbridge

View of the new student block overshadowing neighbouring flats and primary school.

The new development has significantly disrupted the views of local heritage across the west end including the local church spires and University Tower. It is out of place alongside the nearby 4-storey flats and primary school. 

In the consultation on the new City Development Plan which closed on 11th December, I have highlighted that there should be no further development of any other purpose built student accommodation in the Hillhead Ward. The scale of these buildings is harmful to the residential amenity, and their designs are architecturally damaging to the local heritage.

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