Sunday, 8 January 2012

Storm Damage

The storm and heavy rain for last week has brought a lot of distress and headache to households across the country. I have lost some slates from my flat's roof. I am aware of more serious damage to property. It is going to take time to resolve the housing issues arising from the storm. I hope that adequate financial and practical support is available to all the households and organisations who need it to get through the difficulties they face.

On a walkabout of Glasgow's west end on Thursday morning, I found lots of tree branches and evidence of chimney pots lying around.

 Tree down in Lauderdale Gardens.

Beautiful big trees have suffered and over 500 have come down, with others unstable. Survey work on trees  is set to continue in the coming weeks. There is a City Woodland Initiative which supports tree planting across Glasgow.  I hope that this will be developed further in response to the loss of trees by the storms. Already, residents are asking for a tree replacement programme and it makes sense to involve local groups and volunteers in any tree planting projects in the year ahead.

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