Saturday, 14 January 2012

Support for the High Street

Today, I visited an excellent exhibition at The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane, off Buchanan Street which celebrates our high streets. There were stark statistics about high street shopping in 2011 on display including vacancy rates for Scotland's High Streets and Town Centres being at 11.1% and internet shopping sales are 8% of the total UK sales. Visitors were asked for their ideas about their hopes for high streets.

Taking stock of the High Street Noticeboard.

Suggestions were written up on tin cans and put on display. There were a wide range of views.

Some of the tin cans covered in comments.

A section of the exhibition is focused on initiatives to regenerate the high street such as support for business start up, local loyalty cards, local currency, and community arts activity.

In the months ahead, I hope that some of these initiatives will be debated and considered for development within our Glasgow's local town centres. I am supporting community consultation about the future investment plans for Byres Road and look forward to hearing people's ideas to protect and enhance one of the city's favourite streets.

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