Sunday, 26 February 2012

Comments on proposal for Eldon Street Underpass

The Council is proposing to improve the significant walking and cycling route at Eldon Street Underpass on Kelvin Walkway, which is very welcome. There have been complaints made about the poor state of repair of the boardwalk and graffiti is an ongoing issue. I have submitted comments highlighting this area as an important site in the wildlife corridor along the River Kelvin.

View of underpass

This location is a listed design landscape and the improvement works should be seeking to conserve the existing materials used in the pathway i.e. recycled and from sustainable, low carbon sources. The anti-flood bund is more crucial than ever and consultation with SEPA / SPT  is necessary to ensure the works take account of flood risks.

Trees could be removed as part of the proposed. I have asked for a copy of the tree survey which identifies which trees are getting crown lifted and thinned, also which shrubs are getting cut back and to what height. 

 View of boardwalk drapped in ivy.

The boardwalk is a unique place and has special character. Any plans should take account of the impact on wildlife in the area. A bat and general wildlife survey is required due to its particular qualities. The project should promote and protect wildlife along the river and in the park.  Partnership work can be developed to ensure that the views of the Council's Biodiversity team, RSPB or Scottish Wildlife Trust are incorporated into the design.

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