Saturday, 4 February 2012

Investing in Byres Road

 View of Byres Road.

In recent weeks, I have been calling on Glasgow Life to ensure that a lift is installed as part of refurbishment works at Hillhead Library in 2013/14. There have been very productive discussions this week with staff involved in this work. 

I am trying to ensure that the improvements to Hillhead Subway including the mural by Alistair Gray and pavement poetry by Edwin Morgan are linked up to the plans for the library.  The library could support cultural events and education activity involving poetry reading and public art talks.

I am pushing for a coordinated approach to ensure there is maximum public benefit from any funding to improve community amenities, pavements and public spaces within Byres Road.

Useful link:
Poem for National Library Day on 4th February 2012 -

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