Thursday, 29 March 2012

Design of sheds on Allotments

This month, allotments associations have been very concerned about about Glasgow City Council's policy relating to sheds on allotments. 

It has been assumed that the Council is supportive of investment in facilities at allotment sites including sheds, as this encourages people to get involved, especially families and improves security for storage of tools and gardening equipment.

New sheds have been proposed for several sites. The process of developing plans to invest in allotment sites, including provision of sheds, has involved voluntary effort and dedication to fundraising. This work is a boost to everyone interested in allotments and supports the implementation of the current allotment strategy. 

At the full council meeting today, I made an enquiry about whether a design guide for sheds on allotments can be developed. This aims to clarify what type of shed is permitted on allotments and provide reassurance to everyone seeking to invest in their allotment. It was agreed to take up the idea of a design guide.

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