Sunday, 10 May 2015

Make the seats match the votes

The result of the 2015 General Election on 7th May has shown that our voting system is broken beyond repair. Once again our voting system has been shown to fail voters. The new UK Parliament does not match the way we voted. This is due to our voting system being designed for an era when almost everyone voted for the two big parties. However, people have changed and they support a wider range of parties than ever before. 

It’s time the system caught up with how we actually vote. Calls have been made for a fairer, more proportional voting system which ensures that seats in UK Parliament match the way people vote. This would make sure people’s choices were fairly reflected in the UK Parliament, and would allow everyone to vote for someone they believe in. Let's hope that the party leaders make voting reform a reality in this UK Parliament. 

Please read about the need for a system of proportional representation at the UK Parliament at :

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