Sunday, 26 July 2015

Local Campaigns for a TTIP Free Zone

TTIP Pencil at Buchanan Street Steps, Glasgow on 18th July 2015

There is a campaign supported by Global Justice Now which is seeking to unite councils across the country who are concerned with the impact of TTIP (Transatlantic Trade Deal) on local democracy.  Across the UK, local councillors are being encouraged to adopt motions raising concerns about the impact of TTIP.  

TTIP motion have been supported by 19 Local Authorities; Bradford (14 July '15), Brighton & Hove (17 Jul '14), Bury (10 Dec '14), Cambridge (23 Jul '15), Edinburgh (25 Jun '15), Exeter (16 Dec '14), Glasgow (11 Dec '14), Hastings (15 Apr '15), Lancashire (17 Jul '14), Lewisham (24 Jun '15),  Newcastle (3 Sep '14), Northumberland (25 Feb '15), North Somerset (14 Jul '15), Norwich (22 Apr '15), Oldham (10 Sep '14), Oxford (29 Sep '14), Reading (24 Mar '15), Sheffield (3 Sep '14), Southampton (23 Dec '14), Warwickshire (19 May '15).

In Glasgow, since the passing of the motion on TTIP, a policy briefing has been developed to inform strategic planning documents of Glasgow City Council. TTIP has been highlighted as a significant issue to consider in the development of the revised International and European Strategy. I have submitted feedback on TTIP to the internal consultation on International and European Strategy in the last week.

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