Sunday, 10 January 2016

Recycle stamps for birdlife

As you may be aware, Stamps can be saved and recycled for the benefit of good causes. Yesterday, I finally collated the stamps that I have removed from envelopes over past year for the RSPB Save the Albatross Fund.

Recycled stamps 

Please note that the RSPB is part of a global campaign by BirdLife International to Save the Albatross which highlights;

"Fifteen out of 22 species of albatross are threatened with extinction. The main threat to albatrosses is death at the end of a hook on a fishing long-line.
Working closely with BirdLife International partners in the Southern Ocean, we're working to stop the needless slaughter of these amazing birds and bring them back from the brink of extinction."
Further information about this appeal for recycled stamps is available at:

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