Sunday, 10 January 2016

Support for community-led innovation and design

During the festive break, I made it along to the Turner Prize 2015 exhibition at Tramway. The winning entry about the Granby Workshop in Liverpool by Assemble had been highlighted as worth seeing. This is a example of the impact of community action, when the demolition of neglected housing is prevented and re-use projects are able to thrive.

View of the exhibition by Granby Workshop at Tramway.

I picked up a newspaper about the Granby Workshop for further background reading. It is an impressive project which supports a social enterprise selling handmade products. Further details are available at:

In Scotland, 2016 is Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. I hope that it leads to community-led projects involved in regeneration and re-use gaining further investment. The Lighthouse in Glasgow will be centre stage, as one of the top 100 buildings of the last century, and participant in the Festival of Architecture 2016. 

Useful link: 

Festival of Architecture at:

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