Thursday, 27 October 2016

Glasgow's Improving the Cancer Journey

Congratulations to all of the staff and key partners across Glasgow working very closely together to deliver "Improving the Cancer Journey". Through work with the NHS, this service can contact everyone in Glasgow who has had a cancer diagnosis, as part of a data-sharing agreement.

The development of this new service supported by MacMillan has transformed people lives, enabling them to access support across the city in a much more efficient way. 

All carers who are identified are referred for a formal statutory carers assessment which is making a significant difference to people's lives. The provision of information and advice within local community facilities managed by Glasgow Life has encouraged support networks to develop within communities. I have been very impressed with the drop-ins and information available displays for the general public in libraries.

There has been learning about unmet needs since the service was set up in 2014. Almost everyone who has been seen by the service has between six and eight concerns that are not about health. As Macmillan has found through research, this includes caring responsibilities, housing and family concerns. 

"Improving the Cancer Journey" is about people coming together and using various expertise to help solve a complex problem. This fantastic project has seen everyone pull together to meet the needs of people affected by cancer. 

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