Monday, 17 October 2016

Road safety issues at Kelvinbridge

In the last month, there has been ongoing concern about road safety at the pedestrian crossings on Great Western Road, around the Kelvinbridge area. 

The importance of maintaining two school patrol attendants at Otago Street and Belmont Street has been highlighted as critical to support children crossing the Great Western Road at the start and end of the school day.

View of Great Western Road at junction with Otago St. and Belmont St.

Otago Street is a difficult road to cross, even though it is a one way street as cars appear from both west and east directions on Great Western Road. It is well used by pupils attending Hillhead Primary, Hillhead High and Glasgow Academy.

The difficult pedestrian crossings at Bank Street and Great Western Road have been highlighted as well. I understand that Road Safety staff are available to visit schools to offer advice and guidance to pupils and staff. Ongoing issues around people walking in to the roadway when it is not safe to cross,  the traffic congestion at peak times, careless driving and cars not always stopping at red lights have been raised. 

Traffic survey and discussions are underway to develop solutions on how to improve road safety within Kelvinbridge. 

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