Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Investment in public transport

To get around Glasgow, I travel using the subway, trains and buses on most week days. The reliability of our public transport is very important for my day to day work activities. I am very supportive of the campaign to invest in public transport.  It is essential that there is funding provided for public transport to help promote better health and connect communities across Glasgow. 

A priority is provision of an integrated transport strategy with a fleet of Glasgow-owned electric buses, as well as new and well maintained cycle and walking routes throughout the city.

Also, Crossrail presents fantastic opportunities for us to develop Glasgow's rail network that residents deserve. Proposals could include investment in new rail stations at West Street, Citizens Theatre in the Gorbals and Glasgow Cross. This is a great opportunity to reduce poverty linked to transportation costs. Less reliance on car travel will improve health for residents as it will reduce stress levels and promote a higher quality of life. We urgently need renewed focus on securing investment in Crossrail from Transport Scotland and Glasgow Region City Deal.

To find out about efforts to provide a fully-integrated and accessible public transport network, please go to:

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