Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Support space for cycling

Concerns have been raised by residents concerned about the quality of our streets for cycling. They want better designed streets to encourage people to cycle as this can improve our health and air quality, reduce casualties and create safer, more pleasant local neighbourhoods.

The research from Space for Cycling highlights that 67% of people aren't confident cycling on busy roads.

I feel that it is too dangerous to cycle on Glasgow's road network and generally, I will cycle off road within the Kelvin Walkway and Canal Towpath. I am aware of increased interest from residents who want to cycle and it is time to ensure we create safer space for cycling.

In the Green Councillors Budget proposals, we provided for capital investment in the North Glasgow City Route and the East Glasgow City Cycle Route. Within the regeneration plans for the waterfront and West End, there is support for segregated cycling infrastructure in Byres Road and the wider area. 

I am seeking to ensure that the needs of cyclists are addressed in an effective, integrated approach as part of investment plans for the Hillhead area.

I have supported the call for Space for Cycling at www.ctc.org.uk/spaceforcycling/councillors

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