Friday, 12 June 2015

Dumping of bulk items in Woodlands

The dumping of bulk items on the pavements of Woodlands has been a major issue in recent weeks. The obstruction caused by various items of furniture left on the pavement is a nuisance to pedestrians and is a source of community concern. It creates an unnecessary eyesore within a conservation area which has supported the award winning, Woodlands Community Garden.

Bulk items left in West Princes Street.

A large part of the community concern has arisen from the number of privately furnished flats in the neighbourhood of Woodlands. The landlords or managing agents of these flats do not always ensure they dispose of any unwanted furniture for recycling or reuse. 

There are council officials from Environmental Health and the HMO Unit who are monitoring the dumping of furniture in the area and they will take enforcement action to ensure that furniture is disposed of appropriately.

Useful link:

Furniture Re-use Network -

GCC Environmental Control Unit -

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