Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Arches and Glasgow's Cultural Strategy

Today, at a meeting of the Finance and Audit Committee, there was discussion about the risks affecting Glasgow City Council for 2015-16. 

A report detailing the risk register recommended that the risks associated with the implementation of the Cultural Regeneration Strategy have reduced. Reference was made to the 2014 Cultural programme and subsequently, the successful activity involved in promoting investment in our cultural assets including lottery funding of the Burrell. 

I felt it was necessary that questions were raised about the status of the Cultural Regeneration Strategy in light of the closure of The Arches, last week. 

I asked about whether evidence of the economic impact of the closure would be considered by council officials who oversee the development of the risk register. In response, I was informed that evidence would be gathered and taken in to account in an updated version of the risk register provided to the committee in 6 months time.

Hopefully, I have helped to ensure that the economic impact of the Arches is given further attention. I first became aware of the building as a student attending the "Glasgow's Glasgow" exhibition based there in 1990 City of Culture. It has continued to be a destination for me over the last 25 years - for a meal, for a gig, for a dance, to see a play, to attend a conference or enjoy an art exhibition. It had so much to offer...

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