Saturday, 30 April 2011

Commitment to Cancer Research

I fully support the work of Cancer Research UK and if elected, I will seek to help make Scotland's cancer outcomes among the best in Europe in the next ten years and will support measures to:

1) Detect cancer earlier
2) Provide world-class cancer treatments
3) Prevent more cancers
4) Tackle cancer inequalities
5) Protect Scotland's research base

I have some experience of cancer through being employed for 2 years to help develop patient transport for people being treated for cancer at the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow.  

Also, I have helped fundraise for projects supporting cancer treatments and members of my family have been affected by cancer. 

Cancer is an issue that affects many thousands of people in Scotland, and I appreciate the ongoing support needed from governnment to deliver much needed services.

It is essential that the next session of the Scottish Parliament helps to improve Scotland's cancer outcomes and I will work to meet the priorities set out in the Beat Cancer campaign.

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