Monday, 25 April 2011

Time for Peace

This evening, I attended a gathering of Stop The War Coalition to hear people's views and Scotland's role on the international stage was debated.

Greens remain utterly committed to opposing the renewal of Trident. Weapons of mass destruction have no legitimate place either in Scotland or in global politics.

As long as the UK Government continues to operate a nuclear weapons system in Scotland we’ll make use of every power available, including the criminal law, planning, and environmental controls on sources of risk such as transportation of warheads. I have taken part in various protests and rallies in support of peace at Faslane and Aldermaston. There is a peace movement which has engaged effectively with the Scottish Parliament and I support efforts to enable this to continue.

Greens are backing aid and Fair Trade. We’ll commit to an increase in Scotland’s international development budget, as well as establishing a climate adaptation fund of £9 million per year for communities in developing countries.

Our Green vision for Europe is be based on the principle of mutual co-operation and the European Union must serve the needs of people, not multinational corporations.

The European Union can also do more to support emerging democracies, including across North Africa and the Middle East, by offering preferential trade deals. We will also work towards the elimination of the arms export industry, starting with an end to export to dictatorships.

We’ll support moves to build a coalition of countries and regions willing to adopt a policy of boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions in relation to the Israeli Government to encourage an end to illegal settlements and negotiations on a final status for a Palestinian state.

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