Friday, 29 April 2011

Supporting local organic food and drink

This morning, I ventured to Dennistoun and visited the area's organic cafe. It is award winning and well known by fans of organic produce.

Photo of Tapa Organic Cafe on Whitehill Street.

I think it really important to develop local neigbourhood spaces where residents can buy organic produce.   This makes it easier to access fresh, organic items on a daily basis. As well as being able to choose organic coffee, a regular supply of organic milk and bread becomes more available.

It is essential that we develop a Scottish action plan for organic farming, in parallel with moves at an EU level. This would help to analyse bottlenecks and by including clear, measurable targets, help the expansion of organic farming. Also, there is a need to redirect research programmes in Scotland toward sustainable food production with a focus on organic and biodynamic systems.

Useful links:

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