Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Acting on Murdoch's media takeover

Since Mr Rupert Murdoch filed to take over 100% of the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster last year, I've signed petitions to prevent it going ahead. It is not in the public interest or in the interests of preserving our democratic process to hand over BSkyB to add to Mr Murdoch's media empire that includes close to 40% of our UK newspapers.

In recent days, additional evidence of phone hacking has emerged and News Corp’s reputation is reaching low depths amongst politicians and the public.

We await the outcome of the high court's review of why the police failed to follow up all the clear leads they were given and recommendations from the inquiry by the Competition Commission.

Update on 17th July 2011: Murdoch has withdrawn the bid for BSkyB thankfully. Another eventful week for the Murdoch Empire lies ahead.

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