Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sunshine at the Peace Camp

Faslane Peace Camp had its 29th birthday recently. Supporters celebrated the campaign and vigil against the stationing of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear powered submarines in Scotland.

Today, I visited to catch up with the people staying there and hear about activity at the Peace Camp.

Entrance to the peace camp.

This year, there has been big effort made to refurbish and rejuvenate the camp. There are improved meeting facilities available including a tearoom and toilet. A library and workshop space has been created in one of the large buses. This provides space for the camp to host workshops in partnership with groups or individuals who have similar aims or interests.

Memorial tree for Hiroshima.

Over the Summer, visitors are encouraged to come and stay. Any help would be welcomed with mural painting, building work, and t-shirt printing.

The camp provides a family friendly environment and has a safer spaces policy in place. People live predominantly in caravans, heated by wood burning stoves. There is access to hot and cold running water. Also, people gather for communal meals every evening in exchange for donations.

A large bus provides library and workshop space.

It was lovely day to travel to/from the Peace Camp. It is relatively easy to get there using public transport and/or bike. There are half hourly trains to Helensburgh from Glasgow and then, you can cycle or catch a local bus, number 316, to a bus stop nearby.

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For more information about Faslane Peace Camp, telephone 07511 793 227

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