Sunday, 31 July 2011

Grasping the nettles

Yesterday, I helped with a clean up of the backcourt areas on Kersland Lane. A group of willing helpers got to work on removing any dumped items including cardboard boxes, broken furniture and bedding.

Bulk items lined up on the lane for collection.

The bulk uplift service provided by the Council ensured that all the items were removed in the afternoon.

A pair of shoes found during the clean up.

It became clear that there was enthusiasm to start preparing one of the derelict areas for transformation into a shared growing space. This involved removing nettles for use as compost. I got involved and helped get rid of most of the nettles.

Recycled wood used for temporary fencing, with compost heap of nettles.

It is all worthwhile as it is really great to be part of this process of creating a community garden.

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