Sunday, 10 July 2011

Invitation to help improve open space at Kersland Lane

In the last month, plans have developed to enable the local community to get involved in making enhancements to the vacant ground off Kersland Lane, in Hillhead.

A meeting for any interested residents or local businesses takes place on Thursday 21st July 2011, from 6 - 7pm, in Life Craft, 691 Great Western Road. We hope to hear views from local residents, discuss ideas and organise a clean up.

View of vacant ground at Kersland Lane.

 It is hoped that residents who overlook the area will take an interest. The area's environment  would receive a boost if a programme was taken forward for improving this greenspace to create a more welcoming place to live.

View of neighbouring Sardinia Lane.

For many years, these vacant sites have been full of rubbish and bulk items thrown out from neighbouring flats.

By everyone concerned working together to help keep this ground tidy and make it less of an eyesore, we should be able to see long-term improvements.

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