Thursday, 27 October 2011

Support for energy efficiency champions

Due to the budgetary pressures we face and the introduction of the carbon reduction commitment, Glasgow City Council is taking action to reduce its energy consumption. Last year's consumption of energy, gas in particular, increased on the previous year. Clear guidance for staff on the arrangements for heating buildings over the winter months is being progressed to address this situation.

According to the Carbon Trust, organisations could save 21% of their total energy spend by increasing awareness.  Now more than ever, councillors have to support greater energy efficiency. We need to ensure that energy costs are cut.  We should grasp this opportunity and help to improve the profile of Glasgow City Council in its efforts to tackle climate change and cut carbon emissions.

Councillors should be willing to be part of a network of Energy Champions who help to reduce energy consumption in each of the council's services and arms length companies.  We have to monitor energy usage and minimise energy costs in the projects we make decisions about.

In my role as chair of the Energy and Carbon Working Group, I have been pushing for a proactive approach to reduce energy consumption in all council buildings. This was supported by all councillors in the City Chambers at a meeting today. 

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