Friday, 13 May 2011

Cooperating with The Windy City

Glasgow is strengthening its links with Chicago and this was endorsed in a motion passed by elected members for Glasgow City Council on 12th May.

There are opportunities to promote friendships and collaborations between Glasgow and Chicago in support of Sustainability and Design. I believe that there could be sharing of expertise in terms of planning and design of our public realm, to support cycling but also improve our urban landscape generally.

Photo of a back lane in Woodlands

Glasgow has an ongoing issue about how to support, enhance, and maintain its historic back lanes. In Chicago, they have back alleyways which have received City-led investment. The greening of the alleyways have created walkways, recreation spaces and community gardens.

Over 80 alleyways have been resurfaced in the past two years across Chicago. The Department of Transportation has developed a Green Alley Handbook, providing examples of alley makeovers to suit a variety of sites, plus guidance for homeowners to help reduce rainwater runoff including planting gardens, installing more absorbant surfaces and green roofs.

I think it would be helpful for Glasgow to develop specific resources such as a Green Lanes Handbook to support the ongoing improvements needed in back lanes across the city.  

A photo of Woodland's Community Garden

Chicago has supported a network of community gardens and it could be inspirational for Glasgow's community gardeners to link with Chicago's Greening Network.

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