Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Proposed mobile phone mast would be an eyesore

A strong community campaign to stop the installation of a mobile phone mast at St. Bride's Church, in Hyndland has successfully developed.

There are existing mobile phone mast stations currently
serving Hyndland less than 500 metres from the church, in Linfern Road.

A planning application is proposed for installation of replica flagpole concealing three antennae to bell tower and ancillary meter cabinet at tower base of a listed church. This proposal is Contrary to Planning Policy DES 3 for Protecting and Enhancing the City's Historic Environment and Planning Policy EN6 for protecting Biodiversity. 

Over 350 planning objections have been submitted and we await the outcome of the planning process over the next 3 months.

Update on 8th November 2011:-

The planning appeal has not been successful and the reporter has refused the planning permission. The full decision notice is now online at http://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/Documents/qJ13793/J206540.pdf

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