Sunday, 22 May 2011

Support given to Braid Square's Football Pitches

There are two red blaes football pitches surrounded by grassland in the Braid Square area of Woodside. They are the largest area of designated open space in the Hillhead Ward.

The community has recognised the need to protect this land for play, sports, dog walking and visual amenity.

One of the football pitches looking over to Oakgrove Primary.

There is evidence from across local authorities that football pitches are undervalued. Every effort is needed to ensure that these pitches are maintained and protected for community use over the long term.

The second football pitch next to M8.

By working closely with local organisations and the National Playing Fields Association, I will support plans to improve the football pitches and encourage football activities involving a range of age groups. There is a need to increase awareness of the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of playing fields.

Useful links:

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