Sunday, 22 May 2011

Motorway City

Today, there has been a charity event on the latest motorway built through our city - the M74 Extension. 

For one day only, the new stretch of motorway has been used by cyclists, walkers and runners to fundraise for good causes. I wish the amount spent on this motorway extension had been invested in public transport, as well as cycling and walking improvements, and then, we could really claim to be making progress, and becoming a healthier place to live.

I was a member of JAM74 which objected to the new M74 Extension. My views have not changed and I continue to reject the proposition that this motorway will bring any benefits to Glasgow. It will generate more traffic, move jobs out of the city, create a physical barrier between local communities, and worse health issues.  This is backed up by the conclusions of the report from the Public Local Inquiry held in to the M74 Extension.

On a daily basis, I live in the shadow of the M8 which drives through the heart of the City. This area is a desolate zone which can be oppressive and unsafe environment.

Since becoming a local councillor, I have called for and supported improvements to the underpass beneath the M8.

Cycle and walking route underneath the M8 at New City Road.

The pigeon problem has been alleviated by the fitting of mesh by Amey to prevent them perching in the underpass.

Furthermore, the regular flooding has been cleared with a new drainage system being installed by Glasgow City Council.

Cycle and walking route with improved drainage.

Now, it is possible to make the journey on foot or bike without the stench of pigeon droppings and the need to navigate large pools of water.

I hope that the people who use it to get to and from the city centre are finding it cleaner and safer to use.

Useful Links:
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