Friday, 13 May 2011

Glasgow's political colour changes

A week has passed since the elections for the Scottish Parliament and our new MSPs are now looking forward to the next 5 years. Referring to a newspaper pullout showing the State of the Nation 2011, there is a clear visual representation of SNP sweeping to power across the land. A major shift has taken place in our political life with constituency seats in our industrial heartlands such as Glasgow, having been won over by the Nationalists for the first time.

Photo of Garden Bell, Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

I hope this momentuous election result brings about progressive change which improves our democracy and help to build up interest in grassroots political activity.

Photo from Peace March, Aldermaston.

The vote turnout was below 50% across Glasgow and more will need to be done to convince people it is worthwhile making their cross on the ballot papers. I will support and encourage more residents to get involved in campaigning, and participating in local community activity. This will be needed in the face of public sector cuts, and to bring people together to help in sustaining safer local neighbourhoods and supporting community development.

In terms of the Scottish Green Party's fortunes, I am very glad that Green MSPs continue to represent Glasgow and the Lothians. Alison Johnstone and Patrick Harvie are vital opposition members who will be required to hold the SNP Government to account. The work of the Scottish Greens will continue as we develop membership, recruit activists, and seek to increase our influence at all levels of government.

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